Timely reminder

2 May 2012 (13:36)

I became aware of some weirdness in the databases of a colleague’s client today. They were puzzled by corruptions going on – and there were definitely some strange things happening on the server.
They had spent the previous night rebuilding databases, exporting/importing and so on. Not pretty, but had to be done. But this morning, the [...]

Compulsory reading for long time FileMaker developers

27 April 2012 (10:08)

A new version of FileMaker is out. Woo! Hoo!
If you want to get a feel for the size of this update, read the following page slowly and thoroughly, following all of the links.
FileMaker 12 new features
But make sure you have a clear day ahead of you before you do it.
And then you will need a [...]

Scary, Nasty Shell scripts

21 April 2012 (17:35)

My colleague, let’s call him Bob (because that’s his name) sent me an e-mail today advising me that his FileMaker Server schedule that launches the shell script I wrote about in Creating time stamped archives – FileMaker Server on OS X was failing.
Recently, his FileMaker Server was updated to OS X 10.7 Server (Lion), [...]

I must be in good company

20 April 2012 (09:47)

Nothing to do with FileMaker.
I’ve used Apple since I bought a Fat Mac in 1986 and I still like them (I use Windows, too, of course). Some say I’m a “fan boy”.
Fan boy was argumentum ad hominem for putting down Apple users.
Now it’s argumentum ad populum (argumentum ad numerum?) because there’s so many Apple [...]

“Graphic” checkboxes and light schema

10 February 2012 (06:03)

I’m a bit anal about trying to keep my database schemas light and have been contemplating my belly button about this for the last year or so.
Light schemas are particularly important on devices like iPhones and iPads with FileMaker as well as WAN access to FileMaker databases.
One modus operandi is to throw as much of [...]

weird graph

20 January 2012 (15:50)

I had a bit of a laugh the other day.
I opened a little FileMaker file I use to track receipts and the chart at the top of the screen looked like this:

I think I stared at it for nearly a minute trying to work out why it looked like that, before the forehead smack!