Showman will import your entries from an Excel Spreadsheet. ShowMan 10 includes an empty spreadsheet template that you can save directly to your desktop.

However, the format is very simple and must have the data in the following columns, with no blank rows. The bold, blue columns, A, C, D, F, H are mandatory.

If you are submitting results to ESNZ, you must also complete columns E and G.

  • A Class Number - must be numerical i.e. 1, 2, 23, NO Division numbers etc
  • B Division Number - must be blank or alpha only in the form a, b, c, d etc
  • C Rider First Name
  • D Rider Surname
  • E Rider NZEF Registration #
  • F Horse Name
  • G Horse NZEF Registration #
  • H Back Number
  • I Dressage Day i.e. date if over more than one day.
  • J Dressage Start Time - times must be proper times in the format HH:MM
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