More Showman Tips

Entry Template

Use the entry template to collect your entries (Show Set up, Prefs and Transfer) and then click on the Transfer tab. The Entry template is listed there. Stick with the exact columns there, NZEF# are optional (if you show is not a registered show and you won't be sending the results directly to ESNZ).
Make sure that you are consistent in the class numbers! Strip out sneaky spaces ('2' versus '2 '), for example.

Import the template - it's easier

Make life easier for yourself and let the import process of the above spreadsheet do the work for you. The process therefore is as follows:
a Set up your show details in the Show Preferences,
b Import the entries from your spreadsheet (Import entries from Excel spreadsheet). This adds the riders, horses, classes and entries.
c Add the judges (don't forget to check the judge check box!)
d Run through EACH class, set the judge(s), dressage test (and if horse trials, XC info) and THEN the event ID (which is a number required by ESNZ)

You should now be ready to start scoring.

Horse Trials - How to enter Cross Country Results

First of all, I try to organise someone to help out -- then I print the XC Jump Entry list out for each class (from the Output screen). As results come in, I get my helper to put all jumps sheets in order, while I enter the start and/or finish times. Then we go through each jump sheet, ticking off jumps on the Entry list or marking them with the relevant jump faults. Doing this together makes it super fast and an extra pair of eyes helps spotting mistakes.
Once all the jumps are entered on the Entry List, we both go through each competitor's result and check for missed jumps, and overall faults.
I then enter the overall faults into the system.
Individual Jumps entry is optional; it adds nothing to the final scores, but allows you to print off a report (XC Jump Summary) so you can see which jumps caused what types of problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. no classes show up to choose from when I first start scoring
A. Check that you have added judges to each class. No judge, no score.

Q. Do I have to enter the individual jump faults?
A. No, this is optional. The main benefit is that you can run the XC Jump Summary.

Q. As soon as I add or change the dressage test, the Event ID changes also.
A. That is correct. We will make a change there, but just add the dressage test BEFORE the event ID in the meantime (or change it again, if you had already entered the eventID!)

Q. I have ended up with two classes 2. How did that happen?
A. Prevention is the best option here! If you used the import spreadsheet method, make sure you are careful with your class entry. '2 ' (i.e. 2 with a space following) is interpreted differently from '2'.
I use Excel's smart fill option to prevent this happening. (Note that the 14 Feb 2011 update has some tweaks to try and catch this)

Q. I have two people with the same back number
A. Each individual MUST have a unique back number. Best to scratch one of the duplicates, and re-enter them under another (unique) back number.
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