Some quick set up tips

Quick tips

Judges per Division

When setting up classes, don't forget to enter the number of judges per division.

judges per division

If you use the method above where ShowMan creates the classes as part of the import process, this field will not be populated (we may look at this in a future update).

Entering Cross Country times

You only type in the minutes and seconds; hours are not needed. If the start time is just before the full hour, and the finish time just after (e.g. 56.40 and 02.24), ShowMan will still correctly calculate the number of minutes and seconds on course.

Placings Question

Q: I have two placings exactly the same in the final results. Why are they ranked the way they are?

A: ShowMan will rank results according to whose cross country time was closest to the optimum time. If the time is exactly the same, it will rank according to the best (i.e.lowest penalties) dressage score. We have yet come across a scenario where two results are still equal after those two measures (though it must happen one day!).
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