28 August 2014

    15 Feb 2013 Update

    • This update includes:

    • new "Para" tests included
    • some small cosmetic changes
    • fixes an error where elimination on time on xc isn't always reset when recalculating a new XC time
    • stops accidental duplication of Preferences

    12 July 2012 Update

    • ShowManager (120716) has the following changes / additions to the Dressage module:

    • New Intro tests added
    • Empty Scoreboard by Dressage Time
    • More room to accommodate longer 'half mark' and musical tests (> 34 movements)
    • More room for the individual judges' marks on the DR Judges' report
    • Minor adjustments to layouts

    A new Mac computer with "Lion"

    • Have you recently acquired a new Mac with Apple's new OS X 10.7 "Lion" installed?
    • If so, you will need a new build of the program to fix an odd display issue - dates show asian characters instead of the year! It's harmless, but looks funny.

    11 August 2011 Showman Update

    • A new build of Showman was uploaded today that allows entry of half marks for Dressage and individual judges scores now display properly on the judges report.
    • You should receive an e-mail notifying you of the update. If not, simply request the download details by emailing us at our support address.
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